A Grade

Goal Kickers: Tyson Neale 6, Jack Crispin
Best Players: Mason Middleton, Tyson Neale, Cohen Pettitt, Callum Tonkin, Connor Hills, Tyler Baldock

After a week of personal challenges including the A grade coach due to Covid protocols. The A grade side with several personnel missing were able to give the opportunity to three inform reserves players (James Bradford, Griffin Clark & Blake Bailey) from the last 5 weeks. The opportunity also was given to a senior colt in Tyler Mcrenonor to play an important role down back & gain confidence at senior level.

The Myponga side have been performing a well drilled system all over the ground & have added key figures to their list including fwd John butcher.

The Bay side would need to not only match the local side physically, they would have to also defend the ground well as the local side play & train the Myponga oval dimensions well each week.

From the first bounce the finals like intensity, physical 1 v 1 at ground level & the battle of each sides back six was evident early in the first qtr as both sides were feeling each other out to find a weakness to put scoreboard pressure on.

At the 1st qtr break the home side had a 2.2 to 0.1 margin & looked the side to score more often with smart ground level players at the fall off all entries going fwd. The stats had the bay side well in the contest with stoppage & forced turn overs both in the bay side’s favour. The address at qtr time revolved around the need to lower the eyes when going inside 50 & avoid putting the ball down the home sides spare sitting out 30m from goal.

The 2nd qtr the bay side were kicking with the 1 to 2 goal advantage however needed to be efficient with their ball movement & avoid turning the ball over at HF as the home side rebounded with speed on the ball if the opportunity was created. Both sides midfield group were standing up & making it hard to have clean ball use going forward the home side manged to kick another 2 goals to have 4 by half time. The bay side were repelled inside 50 with an extra number at ground level for the home side, this made scoring difficult for the bay side and was becoming frustrating at times with only the 2.2 to half time from the bay side V Myponga’s 4.3.

The half time stats had CB in favour of the home side by +1, however the around ground stoppages +5 & turn overs with Myponga 17 to the bays 10 which at half time was the most an opposition had turned the ball over this season against the bay side. The address highlighted this key stat as the pressure & effort to turn the ball over & make it extremely hard for the Myponga side to move the ball cleanly from one end to the other was evident in the 2nd qtr.

In a low scoring game with a 13pt deficit to overcome and into the 2 goal breeze the bay side would have to win the contest battle & set up firmly behind the ball.

This was the instruction towards the group with all 21 of the playing group needing to play their part. The defence of the bay side was connected & repelled many scoring opportunities from the home side the likes of Baldock, Mcrenonor in his 1st game, Williams & Ambrose all played important roles in preventing a goal scored in the 3rd qtr. While into the breeze the bays managed to put on 3 goals with Middleton & Neale converting when called upon.

The 3rd qtr address had the instructions of continuing to win the contest battle, continuing to show control with ball in hand from the back half & open up the fwd line leading lines to shift the myponga defence. The last qtr had many moments of positives & key moments to learn from with the bay side kicking 1.1 to Myponga’s 2.2 & falling short by 3pts.

With many challenges pre game & personnel challenges the bay side although extremely disappointed will draw on the positives during an effort over 4qtrs against a quality opposition.

Best performers on the day included, Mason Middleton, Tyson Neale, Cohen Pettitt, Callum Tonkin, Connor Hills & Tyler Baldock. Also the influence & confidence of Tyler Mcrenonor was a massive positive & indicates the junior program is extremely strong.


Wade Foggo
A Grade Coach

Goal Kickers: Sam Tummel 2, Jake Foristal, Kyron Pepper, Josh Sutcliffe
Best Players: Mathew Allen, Oliver Price, Levi Baillie, Jamar Scarvelis, Wade Sweetman, Kyron Pepper

Senior Colts

Goal Kickers: Ryan Corby 3, Ryley Bastalec, Kieran Garrett, Josiah Parker
Best Players: Bradley Woidt, Maxi Collins, Ryley Bastalec, Josiah Parker, Logan Golding, Thomas Fyfe

Junior Colts
Bays v Langhorne Creek (Away)

Goal Kickers: N/A
Best Players: Reilly Weidenhofer, Brody Miller, Kobi Williams, Oliver Scheid, Levi Finley, Malakye Muirhead

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