A Grade

ENCOUNTER BAY10. 10 (70)
VICTOR HARBOR13. 10 (88)

Goal Kickers: Jake Tarca 5, Nicholas Marshall 2, Tyler Baldock, James Brown, Tyson Neale
Best Players: Callum Tonkin, Tyson Neale, Marcus Lippett, Jack Crispin, Cohen Pettitt, Jake Tarca



Goal Kickers: Blake Bailey 3, Oakley Johnson 3, Tate Walker, Jason M Wright
Best Players: Jason M Wright, Griffin Clark, Oakley Johnson, Mitchell Reilly, mathew Kreuger, Justin Schindler

Senior Colts

ENCOUNTER BAY19. 18 (132)

Goal Kickers: Ryan Corby 8, Lee Colbeck 2, Connor Hills 2, Josiah Parker 2, Riely Williams 2, Thomas Fyfe, Tyler McCreanor, Will Powell Humble
Best Players: Arie Minenko, Connor Hills, Ryan Corby, Tyler McCreanor, Thomas Fyfe, Riely Williams

Junior Colts

Bays v Langhorne Creek (Away)

Goal Kickers: NA
Best Players: Braxton Watson, Otis Althorp, Zane Garrett, Reilly Weidenhofer, Kobi Williams, Benji Isufi

Mini Colts

A perfect day for the local derby and the we kept our run of good form going.

We had no players on the bench, so it was great to see the whole team running hard all game.

Patrick did a great job as full back and Jacob’s defensive efforts were impressive.

We might not have scored as many goals as we would have liked, but the teamwork and skills were still very good.

Best Players: Jacob, Patrick, Arlo, Kobi


Bruce Verco
Mini Colts

Moddies U10s

This week we hosted Victor Harbor in a game that saw our boys gel together in a fantastic team effort.

From the first quarter our midfield dominated with our boys getting on top early. The run and sharing of the ball into the forward line providing plenty of opportunities for our forward line.

This set the standard for the rest of the game allowing the backline to work themselves into the game and structurally controlling the game.

The boys are developing really quickly and we could see each of them thinking about field positioning in defence and also creating space to move the ball from the backline to the forward line. Each of the boys played their roles contributing to a strong game from all.

Huge credit to our boys this weekend the development so far this year has been amazing and this game set the standard for the remainder of the year.


Will Ray
Moddies U10s

Moddies U8/9s

We had to play a scratch match against ourselves as Victor did not have an U9s side.

Our boys used the opportunity to practice what we have been doing drills on a Thursday. Disappointing again for the players and parents that are keen to see us play.


Paul Waller
Moddies U8/9s

U14 Girls

Friday Night Footy! What a night of celebration…

It was Madison Ames 13th Birthday, Mahli Littlely’s Official 50th for the Bays Club. And a debut by Mathilde (all the way from France to kick a bag of 4 Goals in her first Game for Aussie Rules Ever).

To sweeten it, we also got a large win up over the Roos. Our side was topped up with 2 of the Best Yank Girls, to run 13 a side game.

Best Players: Dhana, Mahli, Mathilde


Crissina Littlely
U14 Girls

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