This week we celebrate the strong indigenous connection over the life of our clubs with the 2022 indigenous round.

We will wear the guernsey designed by Darren Hart last season that tells the story of his father Hal who is a past player, former president and current life member of the club.

have chosen to tell my father’s ‘travelling story’ on this jumper.

The eight yellow bands represent the eight year journey from him being stolen from his mother/community in Pine Creek, and then his arrival at Encounter Bay FC some eight years later (hence the footprints).

He was sent to Crocker Island Catholic Mission which features in the middle of the jumper (in green) surrounded by water, where he spent the majority of these years.

Eventually he was fostered by an Inman Valley family and began playing football for Encounter Bay FC.

He enjoyed/played for the club for the next fourteen years which is why you can see fourteen eagles in my design (across front and back). Two of these eagles are current club logos which I also designed and provided to the club back in the 2000s.

Darren Hart

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