A Grade

Goal Kickers: Tyson Neale 4, Ben Davis, Dan Jelinek, Mason Middleton, Lachlan Williams
Best Players: Tyler Baldock, Elijah Horrocks, Tyson Neale, Callum Tonkin, Connor Hills, Lachlan Williams

The Encounter Bay A grade side were looking to build on the confidence gained from earlier in the week with another 4 qtr effort & to get the win against another quality top 4 opponent in Mt. Compass.

The away side won the toss & decided to kick with the breeze in the 1st term. The 1st goal was not far away for the away side & they looked dangerous each time going forward with there inside 50 entries to key forwards that also were not giving up the front position. The bay side found it difficult to exit stoppage cleanly to generate good ball movement going forward & allow the forwards to hit up into the breeze. The away side used the new scoreboard side well with efficient ball use & handball link up to generate 2.4 to only 1 pt at the 1st break.

The qtr time address for the bay side focused on the need to play separate styles into the breeze & with the breeze by avoiding fwd entries into the pockets when kicking with the wind. The need to lower the eyes and use the hit ups allowed the home side to have 7 shots on goal for 5.3.

The ball use from the home sides wingers & HHF was precise to give the fwds high percentage shots on goal. The contest battle around stoppage was extremely tight & was going to play a significant role in deciding the end result.

At Half Time the home side were -1 in CB,  -1 in stoppage & just behind in the fwd entries with the score of 5.3 33 to Compass 3.4 22 at the main break.

The half time address highlighted to key numbers in favour of the home side & the ability so far in the game to play 2 separate styles of play into the wind & with it. The key areas of composure down back & lowering the eyes going fwd were going to decide the scoreboard pressure in the 3rd term. The bay side had to lock the ball around stoppage into the wind & improve there defensive running patterns to help support the home sides backs.

Once again Compass found a way to win CB & stoppage early to give there fwds early opportunities on goal & 2 goals early certainly had the compass side back on even terms & without some brilliant 1 v 1 efforts down back for the bay side there could have been more of a lead than the 6 pts at 3qtr time to Compass.

The home side once again just like the 1st term struggled to have shots on goal from close proximity & were forced to have them from the deep pockets this contributed to the 3pts only scored for the home side in the 3rd term & Compass added to their tally with 3.2 to take the 6pt lead into the final term.

The home side had the wind in the last qtr and needed all the playing group to contest the ball at ground level. Hold up & support in defence & take the chances in fwd 50.

To sum up the last qtr from this point, the accumulation of 15 unforced turnovers, basic skill execution, inability to prevent & hold the tackle, the lethargic nature of kicking down the line & the willingness to be disciplined when 2nd to the ball was the reason the Compass side took the 5 pt win 8.6 54 to 7.7 49 in the end.

This result highlighted when 100% effort from each team member for 4qtrs is actioned the result will then come down to finishing the work in front of goal.

Unfortunately, this result was deserving for inconsistent effort & care to play simply as a team by executing the basic fundamentals & winning the ground ball contest!

The better players for the Encounter Bay side which performed for longer periods of the game included.

Tyler Baldock (great effort on key fwd Tom Pinyon), Elijah Horrocks kept working on the wing without a change, Tyson Neale another 3 very important goals & role through the midfield. Callum Tonkin rucked all day & still worked hard to support his backs, Connor Hills growing & becoming a key ball mover for the bay side & Lachlan Williams finding form down back & consistency.

The Bay side know focus their attention to the top of the table side in McLaren Vale ready to surprise this week on their home deck.


Wade Foggo
A Grade Coach

Goal Kickers: Kyron Pepper 3, Blake Bailey 2, James Baxter 2, Mathew Allen, Brodie Goodwin-Davenport, Sam Tummel
Best Players: Tjedan Mckeown, Oliver Price, Mathew Allen, Sam Tummel, Kyron Pepper

Senior Colts
ENCOUNTER BAY16. 11 (107)

Goal Kickers: Ryan Corby 8, Maxi Collins 2, Kieran Garrett 2, Mason C Burrows, Thomas Fyfe, Josiah Parker
Best Players: Thomas Fyfe, Ryan Corby, Maxi Collins, Bradley Woidt, Zane Garrett, Zachary Branson

Junior Colts
Bays v Langhorne Creek (Away)

Goal Kickers: Brodie Miller, Malakye Muirhead
Best Players: Benji Isufi, Mahli Littlely, Campbell Littlely, Brody Miller, Noah Howard, Brock Andrews

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