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Rd 5 v Goolwa/Port Elliot

BEWARE THE WOUNDED Magpie as we welcome the Goolwa-Port Elliott Football Club for today’s matches at the Encounter Bay Recreation Reserve.

The A-Grade bounced back with a hard fought win against the Bulldogs at home last round, however they didn’t come through unscathed with some changes expected.

The Reserves and Senior Colts have continued their winning ways and the Junior’s went down by the barest of margins after leading for the majority of the game accept win it counted.

Last Saturday’s talent night was a great success with the top award going unanimously to Kyron and TJ who provided a very entertaining cooking show. Micky B had the crowd in stitches later in the evening with his observations and personal experiences.

Well done to all the acts on the night and Ollie and Juergs for organising the event.

The clubrooms are open for meals from 5pm with a Schnitzel Night and kids meals as normal.

Patrons are reminded to keep beyond the oval fence whilst matches are being played. This is for their own safety as well as players and umpires alike.

Round 5 is Umpire Appreciation Round. An opportunity to acknowledge the contribution that is made by our officials each and every week. Without umpires there’d be no footy.

Good luck to all teams today.

Go Bays!


The EBFC Committee

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