A Grade
ENCOUNTER BAY16. 8 (104)

Goal Kickers: Mason Middleton 4, Bradley Kreuger 4, James Brown 2, Oakley Johnson 2
Best Players: Mason Middleton, Connor Hills, Bradley Kreuger, Tyler Baldock, James Brown, Jack Crispin

The Encounter Bay side headed over to Goolwa oval to take on another opponent that has been able to not only get a win on board but also complete for long periods of games by pushing their opponents in all the key measurement areas of the game.

The conditions were tricky with a 2-3 goal wind blowing to the lake end of Goolwa oval to test the skill level of both sides.

The bay side one the toss & had no hesitation to kick with the breeze, the local side started well in the contested area & looked strong around the ball with a high amount of pressure on the bay side by mainly sticking their tackles & giving the bay mids little space. After the first goal the bay side were able to gain good field position to enable repeat entries and have a handy 4 goal lead at the 1st break, the  main concern at the 1st qrt address revolved around the ability of the home side to get the ball out the back of the bays defence with pace & had the bay defenders showing a lack of  respect to Goolwa’s quick HHF’s.

The 2nd quarter was a battle of the mid field & both teams ball movement, the local side had the breeze & continued to look to a couple of their strong marking forwards who gained space from many lapses in the bays defensive checking.

The local sides midfield also gained the upper hand with locking the ball in with great pressure & ability to tackle the bays mids to ground level. The 2nd quarter was also low scoring for both sides as the home side missed a few chances to put scoreboard pressure on & the bay side missed opportunities into the breeze from both on the run & set shots.

With the scoreboard showing the bays 7.4 to Goolwa 2.5 this game was still tight enough for the home side to repel the bays in the 3rd to come home strong in the last.

The half time address was mainly concentrated on the lack of defensive actions by the midfield group & their inability to connect with the rucks who were getting first touch. The address pointed out the stats which had the home side up + 5 in stoppage at the main break & also up +2 in centre bounce. The half time address also directed the backs to control their structure better behind the ball as the Goolwa side looked dangerous when hitting the corridor.

The Bay side had the breeze in the 3rd qrt however this was only going to become an advantage with strong attack on the ground ball, more def respect through the midfield & efficient lowering of the eyes when going inside 50.

From the first bounce of the 3rd qrt the entire Bay group seemed to absorb the half time instructions & started to control the stoppages, run from behind & hit the 45 handball. The final execution kick inside the fwd 50 also became more efficient with more shots on goal in the high conversion rate channel.  The backs were able set up well behind the ball & keep the home side to 1 pt in the 3rd term.

The last quarter address focused on the need to finish well into the breeze & show great composure to intercept & control the ball use from the home sides D50. Although this was not as consistent as the past 3 qtrs & conversion was not fully taken advantage off. The Bay side still finished off the game to have its 1st win of the season by 67 pts & turn the focus onto a home game against the Yankalilla football club in Round 5.


Wade Foggo
A Grade Coach
ENCOUNTER BAY15. 10 (100)

Goal Kickers: Mathew Allen 3, Ryan Boyce 3, Brodie Goodwin-Davenport 2, James Bradford, Nicholas Catanzariti, Griffin Clark, Alexander Horrocks, Oliver Price, Tom Ramke, Wade Sweetman
Best Players: Mathew Allen, James Bradford, Jamar Scarvelis, Ryan Boyce, Blake Bailey, Griffin Clark

Senior Colts

Goal Kickers: Josiah Parker 2, Kieran Garrett, Logan Golding
Best Players: Tyler McCreanor, Ryley Bastalec, Maxi Collins, Logan Golding, Thomas Fyfe, Bradley Woidt

Junior Colts
Bays v Langhorne Creek (Away)

Goal Kickers: N/A
Best Players: Brock Andrews, Kobi Williams, Nate Davis, Brody Miller, Malakye Muirhead, Jordyn Lloyd

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