A Grade

Goal Kickers: Kyron Pepper 3, Fraser Tonkin 2, Lachlan Williams 2, Tyler Baldock, Ben Davis, Elijah Horrocks, Tjedan Mckeown
Best Players: Elijah Horrocks, Pat Taggart, Tyler Baldock, Cohen Pettitt, Jayden Christophers, Connor Hills

For the first time this year the Encounter Bay side were going to play a full A grade game under lights away to VH.

The lights looked sufficient between each of the 50’s however it would be more challenging to read the flight of the ball in the pockets at both ends.

As the light rain persisted at the start of play the pre match focus areas were based around the importance to have a fast start, a physical approach to win the ball at ground level & to lower the eyes going forward. The backs were to make sure the likes of VH’S forward line in Overall, Ross, Elmes & Basham were matched up according to ability & strength early.

 The first qtr was a very dominant display from our rucks & mids as the bay side managed to have multiple inside 50 entries with our forwards looking extremely dangerous one on one deep. At the 1st break the bays had 4.4 on the board to Victors 3.0.

The message at the 1st break was directed at our inefficiency in front of goal & inability to prevent the ball getting out the back to Victors clever fwds. The CB, stoppage & ins50 numbers were both in the Bays favour at the 1st break.

The 2nd qtr had the victor side starting to move the ball through the corridor which was making it difficult for the bay side to set up behind the ball with constant speed on the ball. The victor side had the momentum with a 5.2 qtr to the bays only 0.2. The 2nd qtr had the bay side allowing lead ups & also going against the instructions of ball movement & tempo footy. This type of non ball movement adherence allowed 2 x T/O goals to the VH side.

The main breaks address indicated the CB & Stoppage numbers were both again in the bays favour however the inside 50 numbers were having the VH side closing the gap and more efficient in front of goal with 8.2.

The address at half time outlined the key stats were in regards to scores from T/O and the areas the ball was being T/O (corridor very hard to defend). The contest at ground level was sound & ability of the backs to defend the high ball was also a positive.

The 3rd qtr had the bay side respond to the half time address with the ball movement more methodical from down back & the corridor only used if it is 100% on. This allowed the bay side to with stand the pressure from the VH side and counteract by using the hit ups then moving the ball deep into the tall forwards. The third qtr was also the qtr in which three of the key fwds in Kyron, Jellinek & Middleton all sustained leg injuries to prevent them from playing the qtr & game out. This obviously left the rotations down for the rest of the game & would require the bay side to fight out the last qtr with minimal change.

At the last break the VH side had a 12 pt lead and would be kicking to the favoured cricket nets end which also seemed to have the stronger lighting.

The address at the last break outlined the importance to keep the ball in possession until half fwd then look to go deep or to a 30m leading target. The move of Lachie Williams forward also caught the VH side out with 2 last qtr goals. The relentless approach to keep the pressure on the VH side was the main positive in the last qtr as the margin favoured the  VH side by 20 pts early in the last however the bays keep responding & managed to get with in 4 pts with a few minutes to go.

As important moments are often highlighted in the last term the bay side had a few very important errors of judgement in terms of decision making going forward & not referencing the opp sliding forward to find space & finish in front of goal.

This would be the difference in a last half of resistant extremely competitive football. Scores end of time were as shown above.

Best Players

  • Elijah Horrocks (Great Effort at HHF & Midfield also a very important goal)
  • Pat Taggart (Competitive beast all night & ability to link through the mid arc
  • Tyler Baldock kept Overall very quite until the last qtr also some outstanding efforts to touch the ball on the line
  • Cohen Pettitt, Great connection with the Rucks all night also had a high number of tackles & effective possessions
  • Jayden Christophers ran all night & was very clean in the slippery conditions (great team man on the night
  • Connor Hills classy game off HB and produced many running efforts to link from behind also took the kick outs with minimal error.


Wade Foggo
A Grade Coach

Goal Kickers: Tom Pearsons 3, Alexander Horrocks 2, Sam Tummel 2, Ryan Boyce, Oakley Johnson
Best Players: Mathew Allen, Riely Williams, Oakley Johnson, Levi Baillie, Tom Pearsons, Oliver Price

Senior Colts

Goal Kickers: Ryan Corby 2, Max Collins, Kieran Garret, Josiah Parker
Best Players: Maxi Collins, Bradley Woidt, Logan Golding, Kody Muirhead, Ryley Bastalec, Otis Althorp

Junior Colts
Bays v Langhorne Creek (Away)

Goal Kickers: N/A
Best Players: Malakye Muirhead, Jordyn Lloyd, Reilly Weidenhofer, Brodie Martin, Hudson Brown, Caleb Haynes

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