A Grade
ENCOUNTER BAY13. 12 (90)

Goal Kickers: Tyson Neale 7, Dan Jelinek 3, James Brown, Bradley Kreuger, Mason Middleton
Best Players: Tyson Neale, Tyler Baldock, Fraser Tonkin, Ambrose Willoughby, Elijah Horrocks, Jack Crispin

On a perfect day at home the Bay side were keen to build on the positives out of the previous weeks win against Goolwa and further build on the cohesion between all lines on game day.

The message pre game was to make sure the mindset was on the contest first & the result we deserve will come from this will to win the contest for four quarters all over the ground.

The 1st qrt showed the way for the yank side as their ability to win the ball at stoppage & close down the space around stoppage made it extremely hard to get clean ball use going forward, the perceived pressure of the yank side also caused many members of the bay side to not win the 1v1’s at ground level & fail to keep the ball from popping out. Early on when the bay side went direct inside 50 a target from Tyson Neale was on offer each time. The ball use direction for Yankalilla also was clear to keep in possession for as long as possible when going forward to get around the bay talls.

At the first break the home side were 4.2 -28 to Yank 2.2 -14 and the 1st break message was clear around gaining the upper hand around stoppage with most of the ruck first use in the bays favour. When the bay side went forward with clean ball use the outcome was positive each time.

The 2nd Qtr was a positive start for the bay side as CB looked sharper & cleaner with strong communication observed. The ability to spread & use the wings more was assisting in the ball use going inside 50. The Yankalilla side however were not going away as the consistent attack on the bays ball carrier & ability to stick to the plan of chipping the ball through the bays defence was again strong from the away side in the 2nd qtr. The stoppage numbers were also in favour of the away side.

With this in mind a change of personnel through the midfield in the 2nd qtr was forced upon and with this came more of a defensive mindset to lock the ball in at ground level & spread hard away from stoppage when possible. Down back the likes of Baldock & Willoughby were repelling many yank entries in the air & making good decisions by foot on the way out.

The halftime scores had the bays 8.3-51 to a competitive Yank 4.4 -28.

The half time address was directed at the midfield once again & indicated another change of personnel was required to get the stoppage numbers back on par & use our stronger forward line to hit the scoreboard more often. The ratio of handball to kick was also highlighted to have impacted on our inability to break from stoppage and prevent the yank side from stopping the bays spread.

The 3rd qrt would require a stronger influence around the ball with an extra number to support the midfield group & spread on the outside. The stoppage game in the third qrt was more balanced as the bay side were able to win or repeat more contests around the ball, however the yank side were committed to keep control of the ball in transition & continue to slow the game down to a 1v1 scenario all over the ground. The bay side were only able to score 10 pts to yanks 6pts which backed up the 1 v 1 lock down game in the 3rd qtr.

The third qtr address once again focused on the need to keep the HB to Kick ratio 1 to 1 to deliver the ball more efficient inside 50. The last qtr started to open up & once the bay side cleared stoppage the extra pace of the bay wingers was able to get the upper hand & move the ball quickly to 1 v 1 inside 50 & allow Tyson Neale to lead at the footy.

The last qtr also allowed the bay side to execute their high level of fitness & move the ball off the line from half back this showed glimpse of the way the bay side must play for 4 qtrs not 2!

In the weeks to come against high quality opponents.

The Bay side now turn their attention to one of the top sides in all aspects of the game to date Myponga at Home this sat.


Wade Foggo
A Grade Coach

Goal Kickers: Noah Brown 2, Jamar Scarvelis 2, Blake Bailey, James Baxter, Nicholas Catanzariti, Griffen Clark, Jake Foristal, Matthew Read
Best Players: James Bradford, Jamar Scarvelis, Blake Bailey, Matthew Read, Levi Baillie, Nicholas Catanzariti

Senior Colts
ENCOUNTER BAY18. 10 (118)

Goal Kickers: Ryan Corby 6, Kieran Garrett 4, Thomas Fyfe, Logan Golding, Mason Kreuger, Bodhi Krieg, Tyler McCreanor, Jake Megaw, Josiah Parker, Will Powell Humble
Best Players: Kieran Garrett, Logan Golding, Zane Garrett, Tyler McCreanor, Ryley Bastalec, Ryan Corby

Junior Colts
Bays v Langhorne Creek (Away)
YANKALILLA7. 12 (54)

Goal Kickers: N/A
Best Players: Reilly Weidenhofer, Benji Isufi, Oliver Scheid, Ethan Burrows, Campbell Littlely, Joel MacPherson

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